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What kinds of wood are skateboards made of

What kinds of wood are skateboards made of?

Nowadays, people use so many kinds of wood to make a skateboard. Of course, different materials will bring different experiences for the riders. In order to choose the most suitable skateboard deck for your journey, you should learn all the necessary intricacies. For those who are still not sure about their decision, this article will really be a great source of information for them.

What wood are skateboards made of?

  • Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple is a natural and non-toxic material that does not need toxic treatment. It is also the most adapted wood thanks to its durability and stability. A board made of this wood can include between 7 and 9 layers and can last for a very long period of time. It is suitable for doing tricks on the streets and it does not wear off as well as quickly chip on the sides, in comparison to many other kinds of wood. Nevertheless, in order to make a Canadian Maple skateboard, manufacturers have to follow strict manufacturing requirements.

  • Plywood

Plywood can include over 3 layers. It is perfect to touch on one side of the board. The price is cheap and people can find the material easily on the market. However, its surface is not too hard and it is not also ideal for quality skates.

  • Bamboo

It is not hard to find bamboo on the market. It is firm and hard so it is appropriate for making skateboard decks. Its spring qualities are great but its structure is too fragile. Additionally, the price for a bamboo longboard is not cheap. Therefore, not everyone is able to afford one for themselves.

Things to consider when selecting a good skateboard

There are a great deal of things you should keep in mind in order to choose a good skateboard for yourself. Let’s have a look at our recommendations!

  • Quality

When it comes to quality, buyers should pay attention to the number of layers of the wood. If all the layers of a skateboard are neat and smooth, it means that this skateboard is made of very high quality. A poor quality board will be less elastic and lasts less time. It is because the wood dries quickly after a short time of usage. And if your skateboard has a slight concave on its 4 sides, you will find controlling the board is no longer an overwhelming task to do.

  • Ride type

The purpose of riding plays an important role in choosing the right skateboard. Manufacturers provide numerous types of longboards on the market for different ways of riding such as long-distance riding, fast driving or performing tricks.

  • Elasticity

If you want to check the elasticity of a new skateboard, you should check whether it is soft enough to create bends on the ground as a too hard deck cannot bend well. In addition, you should also turn the wheels up and put one foot on the deck to see whether it is firm enough or made of good quality or not. Don’t worry about your weight, or else, you will feel regretful afterwards. Bad wood can soon cause damage to the entire device as well as the rider when he is on his journey.


Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It offers people with balance, confidence as well as satisfaction. Nevertheless, choosing the skateboard incorrectly may affect your experience a lot. With our information, we hope that now you can know the basics about longboards, especially the wood used to make skateboards and then you can make the right decisions.