TV Mounted Too High (FIXES)

Having a TV in front of you If something is mounted too high, it can be hard to see, especially if you have to crane your neck. This can not only make it hard to watch, but it can also hurt your body after a while. So, this article will answer the question, “How high should you mount your TV?” How can you change a TV that is too high?

Most people have also said that adjusting a TV mounted too high without help from a professional is difficult. So, this article can help you whether you’re just taking your new TV out of the box or you’ve already put it up.

For Whom Is This?

Anyone who has a TV with a flat screen. After all, that’s the kind of TV you hang on the wall. The most important thing you can do with your flat-screen TV is to get the best movie experience possible.

This article can also help if your TV was mounted too low and you tried to raise it a few inches before realizing that it was now too high. In some cases, you may want to put your TV a few inches higher than your soundbar, but the TV is already mounted too high. Now that we know that, let’s go ahead and learn!

How Can You Tell If the TV is Too High?

As simple as it may sound to hang a TV on the wall, there are a few technical and scientific ways to do it. Technically, a simple example of the scientific way of looking at it is how your TV is mounted and how you sit in front of it.

This means that “the TV seems higher the closer your seat is to it.” But what if your seat is good? How do you know if the TV is too high?

Here are some easy ways to tell if you need to change how the TV is mounted.

  • Once you start to raise your head without realizing it, you won’t be able to enjoy TV. Most likely, your TV is mounted too high.
  • You might not always remember what was going through your mind when you were watching TV, but here’s a quick one. If you have a sharp pain in the back of your neck or a sore eye after watching TV, it’s too high.

If you think either or both of these things have happened to you before, you might need to adjust your TV. This is mostly because of two important things:

  1. To avoid health problems, especially ones that could hurt the spine or back muscles
  2. To make it easier for you to watch.

How high do you want your TV to be?

While you are sitting at a safe distance, this position should be slightly above your normal eye level and at an angle.

Here’s how to figure things out using the scientific method we talked about earlier. On average, the eye height of the tallest woman when she is sitting is about 23 inches. Also, the average seat height is about 19 inches.

So, a good way to figure out how high to mount a TV is to add these two numbers together, which gives you a height of about 42 inches from the floor.

Well, you can use a number of other things to figure out the right mounting height. This consists of

  • Viewing distance
  • Using an old Mount
  • TV size
  • Using a recliner

Let’s talk about each of these.

Viewing Distance

When you mount a TV on the wall, this is one of the most difficult things to think about. This is because you have to pay attention to how the room is set up and how people are sitting.

If seats are spread out far from each other, everyone could have a different experience watching the show. Other things, like how wide the room is, how close you are to the wall, how bright the light is, what’s in the room, etc., can help you choose a better spot.

Using a Previous Mount

If there is an old mount on the wall, it may be one of the hardest things to do when mounting a TV. The first problem is that the mount might not be right for the size of your TV or the way your room is set up.

But this can be hard because putting a new TV mount on the wall could be just as dangerous as using the old one. In this case, you can either use a TV stand or get help from a professional.

Learn more about how to reuse a TV wall mount by reading our guide.

TV Size

When you think about how high your TV should be, its size can affect a lot of things and decide even more.

This is because the height of a 32-inch TV might be different from that of a 49-inch TV in the same room. Also, the size of the TV is the only way to figure out how high it needs to be based on the viewing distance.

But as a general rule, bigger TVs should be mounted higher than smaller ones. Even though most big TVs will eventually take up more square space, they might still be good for watching.

How to Use a Recliner

There is no one way to mount a TV so that it can be used with a recliner. This is because it should just be set up in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Make sure it is in a place where you can watch TV without having to strain your neck or eyes.

What to do if your TV is too high

This problem can be fixed in three easy ways.

1.Adjust your sitting position. This is the easiest way to fix a high-mounted TV, especially if the room is big enough. Just move the seat back to make the distance and height equal.

2.Tilt it downward. Most common mounts that can be moved can also be tilted. If you’re using one of these types of mounts, then you’re in luck.

3.Reinstall the mount. Take off the mount and move it again.

How to Lower a TV Without a Moveable Mount

It can be hard to adjust a TV on a mount that doesn’t move. You might need to hire a pro to help you fix the problem, but if you like to do things yourself, here’s a simple way to do it.

  • Unplug the TV and take out any cables that can be taken out.
  • Unlatch the tv from the mount, and then unscrew the mount from the wall.
  • Check to see where the TV will look best, then screw the mount to this new spot. Then put the TV back on its mount and lock it.


With the tips in this article, you can now watch your mounted TV better without putting strain on your eyes or neck. Also, you can be sure that your TV is in the best place, and if it is too high, you can easily move it without having to pay a professional to do it.


Is An HDR Gaming Monitor Worth It?


Gamers and developers alike have found a solid footing in today’s world of gaming. A high-tech approach is looking for a durable and well-performing system.

In addition, this high-end content improvement technology is mostly needed by game producers rather than the common internet user who only peruses random content.

As a result, the FreeSync and G-sync craze has spurred on even more creative solutions. The question of whether an HDR gaming display is worth it is evident in the presence of such mind-blowing qualities.

HDR is the cherry on top if you’re going to be using your monitor to its best potential. Fast-paced games necessitate exact visuals and color fidelity from the display’s FPS, refresh rate, response time, and other parameters.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all high dynamic range monitors will produce the same results. Some may shine, while others may not be able to live up to the hype. Every display is unique in terms of its design and functionality.

As a result, having an HDR monitor is undoubtedly the most pressing issue of the day. Let’s get some additional information and see if we can locate the answer!

Gaming Monitor with High Dynamic Range

The primary function of an HDR monitor is to ensure a more expansive and accurate color spectrum, followed by a higher level of contrast. HDR monitors have emerged as the leading technology for its improved color accuracy and more lifelike visual appearance.

The game experience, on the other hand, is worth every cent and every performance. Playing fast-paced games involving the frame with minute size speed, you certainly don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics to miss exactly what hue or tone the frame was originally supposed to be.

If you’re a fan of high dynamic range (HDR) graphics, an HDR gaming monitor is a must-have for your gaming setup. HDR technology is compatible with many of the most latest and fashionable monitors. In addition, the mid-range middle range can be supported.

IPS, Nano IPS, IGZO, and VA are just a few of the panels available for use in display technologies. For now, HDR isn’t compatible with TN display panels (who knows the evaluation in technology), and many games aren’t pre-designed to support HDR technology.

In order to understand HDR, we need to know how it works.

You might be wondering about its insights with all of its excellent performance and high-quality output. Furthermore, a preference for it over a higher display resolution has always been associated with this technology. However, what is the truth?

The HDR display was able to produce an image that was more vibrant, detailed, and illuminated from all angles. Light and dark regions of the game, as well as the frame of the game, are given the necessary illumination.

Because of this, the entire look was precisely balanced. It is possible to encounter the genuine approach due to the close relation of colors without any blankness. High dynamic range signals are simply accepted by the monitor or display screen with HDR functionality, which enhances and boosts the image quality immediately.

Colors that have the best contrast ratio, color spectrum, brightness apex, and lightning effect are all included when we talk about image quality. Finally, when everything works together, you end up with something truly beautiful in the picture or display frame. HDR has made an appearance in games.

But it is not a given that HDR monitors will all display the same manner in terms of their viewing angles. There is a lot to consider when it comes to the monitor’s appearance, quality, and more. Some may provide you with an outstanding production, while others may provide you with a compromise quality that makes you chuckle uncontrollably.

Formats for High Dynamic Range

HDR10 isn’t the only HDR format out there. The HDR10 format is generally required for gaming, however other formats are also available. In addition to being the most prevalent, it is also highly sought after by people, particularly game makers and avid gamers. There are, however, a total of five types or versions of HDR:

  1.     HDR10
  2.     HDR10+
  3.     HLG
  4.     Dolby Vision
  5.     Advanced HDR by Technicolor

HDR, which is the most durable and sought-after, is in use and providing the finest experience for games and other applications. Users can rely on its open standards and smooth operation. HDR10 is, in fact, the greatest format if you’re interested in high-quality visuals and work that requires an accurate presentation.

A HDR Monitor’s Requirements and Specifications

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll need to get a high-quality gaming display with HDR technology. As many features as there are, make sure that the setups are all in sync so that the overall game play is more powerful and aggressive.


Furthermore, HDR monitors do not rely on heavy-duty graphics processing units for their performance (GPU). With a GTX 950 or higher system, you may enjoy HDR display in all its majesty and majesty! Aside from that, HDR will be supported by AMD GPUs equipped with the R9 380 card. If you’re concerned about setting up HDR on your monitor, another consideration is the port.


HDMI 2.0 or above and DisplayPort 1.4 enable HDR, regardless of whether you’re using a VA or IPS display screen.. HDR10 must be supported by the display. High dynamic range displays aren’t supported by TN penal.

Ace and high-end software are the best options for gaming. They unquestionably contribute to a more notable approach. No matter if you have a conventional slim PlayStation 4 or a Pro, you can rest assured that HDR is supported and runs well. Additionally, the Xbox One is compatible with high dynamic range (HDR) monitors.

HDR in Windows 10 can be enabled.

The basic methods for enabling HDR support on your monitor may be found here. Monitor compatibility and support for this technology are the first requirements.

  1. Select Settings from the Start menu, then select System and Display.
  2. The HDR feature can only be enabled on a single display if you have several monitors.
  3. In order to use the feature, you must now select “True” in the box underneath the Window HD color.


Is it possible to tell the difference between a true HDR and a fake one?

Buying HDR is not enough when you’re at the store. The actual deal is to be aware of its true quality and construction. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to quickly identify counterfeits and clones of both original products and technologies. As a result, you should verify that the product you’re purchasing is authentic.

So, what exactly does a bogus HDR accomplish? Even though it renders and accepts HDR, it is unable to improve its picture quality in the way that an HDR monitor is supposed to.

False quality is recognized when there is no peak brightness like display-HDR 400, which does not produce it. If you’ve been using the actual HDR in the past, you’ll see the difference right away. Fake ones should be avoided at all costs!

Is it a good idea to enable HDR on my monitor?

It’s great to hear that you’re able to do whatever you want with your high-end and reliable equipment. Then again, if you can just click to go to the technology, why not use it? However, having an HDR-capable monitor does suggest that you should always keep this function activated, so long as you have it.

HDR should only be used when watching related content, according to the experts. It’s also worth noting that enabling HDR before playing HDR video can instantly boost the color, contrast, and brightness of the images. If you keep HDR enabled, though, it won’t be of any benefit.


High dynamic range (HDR) is a fantastic technology that is especially intended to improve color and contrast reception techniques. Brightness and a lighting effect enhance the realism and vibrancy of the image and frame when playing the most advanced and complex games.

In order to get the most out of a high dynamic range monitor, you’ll need to consider the hardware and software requirements. As long as HDR isn’t properly supported in terms of setups, this HDR technology for better gaming won’t be worthwhile because it doesn’t support TN displays


What Is Convection In Microwave?

Convection In Microwave.

Convection microwaves combine traditional microwave technology with an additional heating element and fan, enabling you to bake, roast, crisp, and reheat food quickly. In compact settings, such as RVs, a convection microwave may double as second oven or even function as the primary oven.

What is the purpose of the microwave’s convection mode?

Food may be cooked in Convection Mode in the same manner it would be in a standard oven. There is no usage of the microwave mode. You can adjust the temperature in eight preset ranges ranging from 40 to 250 degrees Celsius. Cooking time is limited to 60 minutes.

Is it true that a convection microwave is better?

Convection microwaves cook more evenly than ordinary microwaves because of the fan that circulates the air. And, once again, they brown better.

Can we bake using convection in the microwave?

The simple answer is that your microwave may be used as an oven. You will, however, need a convection oven to do this. Convection ovens function like ordinary ovens and may be used to create bread, cakes, cookies, or anything else you’d want to bake.

What is the difference between a microwave and a convection oven?

A convection oven warms food to greater temperatures from the outside than a microwave oven. A convection microwave is ideal for grilling, baking, roasting, browning, and crisping dishes, while a microwave oven is ideal for even reheating, cooking, and defrosting.

Is it possible to make pizza in a convection microwave?

Making Convection-Style Pizza in the Microwave By selecting the oven or microwave option, you may use a convection microwave just like a regular oven or microwave. Preheat your convection microwave and place the pizza on the rack that comes with it. To bake it, don’t use a cookie sheet or a pan.

What is the finest brand of convection microwave oven?

In India, the best convection microwave oven for household use is Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave Oven. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven. Microwave with a capacity of 23 liters. LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven, LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB 20 L Con

In a microwave convection oven, what can you cook?

You can use your microwave to roast a whole chicken and then make angel food cake for dessert if you utilize convection microwave cooking. Green bean casserole may be prepared while the turkey is roasting in the main oven. Bake cookies in a metal skillet (when using convection-only cycles) On a rack, crisp and golden pizza.

Can you use a convection microwave oven to cook metal?

In a microwave, metal cookware should not be used. Because metal prevents microwaves from penetrating the food, any food behind it will not be cooked. With the convection cooking capability of a microwave convection oven, metal and foil may be utilized safely and efficiently.

I don’t have a convection oven, so how can I bake a cake in the microwave?

If you have a microwave with the convection mode on, the temperature at which you bake a cake is 180 degrees Celcius. However, if your microwave does not have a convection mode at that time, you must set the power to 100%, or power level 10.

Which utensils may be used in a microwave with convection?

Utensils constructed of glass, silicon, and metal may be used in the convection mode. Plastic, paper, and wood utensils should not be used.

Does a microwave utilize convection or radiation conduction?

Microwave radiation uses brief, high-frequency waves to stir the water molecules in food, causing friction and heat transmission. When you heat a solid item, the heat energy is delivered by conduction, while liquids are heated through convection.

What is the difference between a solo microwave and a microwave with convection?

A solitary microwave oven can provide for most people’s basic microwave requirements, but it lacks unique capabilities. In a single microwave, you can only use microwave-safe glass or plastic.

Should you cook pizza on convection?

Convection microwave ovens contain a fan and a heating element that produce airflow patterns within the microwave oven.

Pizzas, pies, cookies, and bread all turn out beautifully when cooked in convection mode. Those that need more time to rise slowly and remain fluffy and moist, on the other hand, are often not as excellent to cook in a convection oven. This is because it may alter the dough’s rise.

If you want to find more information, please see here.

Should you normalize audio

The term “normalization” is tossed about a lot in the music business. If you’ve ever heard it, you’ll know that it’s related to the volume of the sound.

Producers and performers are always at odds about how loud a song should sound. When listened to over a pair of speakers, artists always want their music to be louder than their competition. As a result, the whole industry has begun to strive for more volume.

When it comes to making music loud, normalization is seldom the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to different kinds of music.

The only thing they speak about when they talk about loudness is limitation. Normalization, on the other hand, may be a fantastic instrument for perfecting a track and pushing it to its maximum limit.

There are occasions when the normalizing procedure is called into question since it might cause noise and distortion. Finding the spots where normalization is most needed and removing the other standard mixing strategies, which will be covered in more depth later in this article, is the ideal way to employ it.

When it comes to mixing a song, you should certainly normalize your audio. This pushes the music’s loudness and makes it constant by increasing the ideal level throughout the song. Remember that after normalization, you should not apply limiting to your music because this may cause distortion.

Knowing what normalization is and how to use it as an effect to better your songs is one thing, but understanding how it works and how to utilize it as an effect can lead to you utilizing it much more in your music production endeavors.

In this post, I’ll show you how normalizing is utilized in the audio production industry and how you may use it to your benefit. Let’s get this party started.


What is the definition of normalization?

Normalization is a technique for increasing the volume of any audio to a preset maximum without clipping. W


hen you normalize audio, your program will look for a peak level in the file and shift it to the set maximum level.

Clipping is the worst enemy of music producers and audio engineers. This is due to the fact that clipping removes the song’s true substance and detail.

When it comes to perfecting a music, normalization is one of the most fundamental methods to learn. It’s one of the oldest methods for increasing the volume and clarity of a music on any speaker system. Then there are new approaches like limiting and clipping to consider.

In today’s environment, limiters and clippers are widely employed, whereas normalization is becoming less popular.

People are mixing and mastering their tracks with digital tools. Over the last 20 years, the use of hardware normalization has also begun to decline.

One of the reasons why people don’t employ normalization is because the music can’t be pushed too much. Normalization entails not even a slight cutting of the song, but rather making it sound loud. When you need particularly loud noises, this method is unsuccessful.

This is why, in today’s music production environment, limiting is chosen over normalization. Even in digital audio and video compositions, limiting is used instead of normalization in the production process.

Even Nevertheless, when it comes to mixing a song, normalization has a place in the business. There are several instances where normalizing the song rather than restricting or cutting it is preferable.

What is the process of normalization?

Normalization is a technique for totally avoiding clipping in music. When some songs are written, the volume restriction that is necessary for mastering may be exceeded.

When this happens, producers strive to lessen the loudness of individual parts or, if that isn’t possible, compress the material to fit it into the mix.

Both may not be feasible at times, as the track begins to clip. The normalizing effect kicks in at this point. It reduces the dynamic range between softer and louder sounds, which helps to minimize clipping.

Normalization was initially used in hardware devices, such as loudspeakers, to boost the level towards the conclusion of a delivery to make it sound louder. Later on, it began to move toward production systems.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, producers used normalization to raise the volume of a song. This explains why most music from the 1980s and 1990s lack dynamic range.

When software instruments and music production software became popular, everything changed. They significantly overhauled the mixing process and eliminated the need for normalization.

Over the previous two decades, this has been the case. Normalization is still employed in digital production systems to make individual tracks sound loud and clear without clipping.

Advantages and disadvantages of normalizing

When you add normalization to the mix, the first drawback you’ll notice is that you won’t be able to push the music to its volume limitations according to today’s streaming regulations.

Hardware systems employ normalization methods, which are inferior to limiting and clipping systems.

When compared to normalization, limiting and clipping provide more to the mixing and mastering engineer in terms of making the music seem loud. The only time normalization makes sense is when there is a little amount of room to increase the track’s volume without clipping or generating distortion.

This is one situation where normalization may be used to bring the quieter portions of the music up to level with the rest of the song.

Another downside is that you cannot use a limiter to increase a song with extremely little head space since you will lose detail. This is where you’d think a tool like normalization would come in handy.

This isn’t always the case, because normalization removes the capacity to boost RMS and decreases the dynamic range of the music, making it less engaging.

What is the finest music database?

The music we listen to on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music has a maximum volume of roughly 0db RMS and does not exceed that level. The number is roughly -14LUFS in terms of loudness. In digital platforms, the LUFS unit is used to measure the loudness of a sound.


Should I master before normalizing?

It all depends on how the music is currently mixed. It’s preferable if the music is normalized if it sounds open and contains a lot of low-volume parts. It’s advisable to forgo normalizing and move straight to mastering if the music has already been pushed to its limits in mixing.


What is the purpose of normalization?

Normalization is used to ensure that all of the elements in the music sound balanced. This is a technique for removing extremely quiet areas of a song and bringing their loudness up to par with the song’s louder sections.

As a newbie in music production, this may be extremely helpful in balancing a song so that it sounds excellent on any speaker system.


Why does my Spotify playback sound strange?

There are a variety of reasons why your uploaded song sounds strange on Spotify. The normalization or limitation that occurs in the Spotify online platform, which pushes your music to its boundaries, is one of the key causes.

This results in quality loss and distortion. The sound you heard in your audio producing software will not be replicated. As a result, the RMS value for the base should be about -14LUFS.


In the world of music production and mastering, normalization is a crucial process. It’s critical to review all you’ve learned about mixing and mastering before beginning to mix an audio recording.

It’s a matter of trial and error whether you use a technique or not. Unfortunately, this is the most effective method of learning. You’ll learn which one works and which one doesn’t as you gain experience.

It may be simpler to explain something if it is visual. When it comes to audio, though, it’s far more difficult to point to things and declare if this is the case. The easiest method to learn normalization is to apply it to every track and see the results.

If you’re new to mixing and mastering, start with effects and plugins before moving on to more advanced features such as normalization and limiting.


How To Build A Subwoofer Box To Specifications

When it comes to subwoofers, there is no doubt about it: they are pricey. If you have a sound system and want to make your music more bassy, you might have to look around for the best deal or fight on Black Friday.

Or, we find out that we can save money by building the subwoofer box ourselves! You buy the subwoofer, build the box that holds it, and save money by doing it yourself. You also get a unique and personalized subwoofer box.

There aren’t any problems with these boxes at all though! Many of you don’t know where to start or what to do. They have to be made to fit your subwoofer’s needs. When you look at yourself, you don’t know what to do. You have a subwoofer in one hand and wood in the other.

Well, that’s it! In this guide, I’ll show you how to build the right subwoofer box for your needs. Let’s start with it!

How to build a subwoofer box that meets your needs

Making your subwoofer box is very important when you do it. You need to think about the design and planning of it when you do it. This needs to be done right, or your subwoofer won’t work right. When you buy your woofer, the manufacturer will tell you what kind of box it should be in.

Please follow these. Make sure your box’s internal space matches what your manufacturer says it should be. Often, there will be a range of volumes that people should read. As a goal, you want your box to be in that range.

I want to be in the middle of the range, but that isn’t very important. You need to be in the range, though, or your subwoofer won’t work as well as it should. Otherwise, it won’t sound as good.

Use the measurements to figure out how big your box should be in width, depth, and height. When you make it, make sure your measurements are correct to get a good result.


Building the box for the subwoofer speaker

You can follow our 11 steps below to build your subwoofer, or you can do it your own way.

It’s the first step.

To start, measure and cut the main pieces of MDF that will make up the sides, back, front, and top of the box. You can use a table saw with a carbide-tipped blade, or you can use a circular saw to cut things like wood. You will have to be very careful to make your cuts square, smooth, and flat for the best results.

The front should be thicker if you want it to be. You should cut two pieces for the front.

Step two:

Next, use a compass or template to mark where the woofers should be cut out on one of the front pieces of the car. Trace this with a pencil so that you can follow the markings when you do it again.

Step three:

In order to make sure that the two panels for the front are strong and don’t shake, fasten the two front pieces together. To do this, use a lot of carpenter’s glue and screws made of sheet metal to do this.

If you don’t want to make the box double thick, think about adding a bracing somewhere else to make it stronger. Glue and screws can be used to glue and screw 2×2 inch strips of wood to two of the inside seams of your boxes.

Step Four:

A drill press can be used to make a hole near the inside edge of the circle you traced. You want it to be big enough for your jigsaw blade to fit in it. Use a drill with a lot of power if you don’t have one.

Cut out the circle with a jigsaw to make a hole for the woofer to go through.

Step Five:

Same thing: Drill a rectangular hole in the back of the box for the terminal cup with the same method you used for the front.

Run silicone caulk around the edge of the terminal clamp to finish this. With 12 inch sheet metal screws, follow.

It’s Step 6.

To put everything together, it’s time. Pre-drill the holes for each screw before you start to put the board together. Once the holes have been drilled, spread carpenters glue between the pieces. This glue is what makes the box waterproof, so use a lot of it.

It’s Step 7.

A drill can be used to put the pieces together. I used a cordless drill and 2-inch drywall screws, but you can use any drill you have at home. I used 2-inch screws. Keep a wet cloth nearby to clean up spilled glue. You don’t have to use all the glue. You can leave some on the inside edges.

Put the front, back, and sides together. In this case, the box might be a little out of place. It’s not unusual, so don’t worry. Screw the top or bottom on, and everything should line up. You can also use furniture clamps to help you straighten it if you’re having a hard time with it.

It’s Step 8.

Drop the subwoofer in slowly to make sure it fits. If the box is a little out of square, the fit might be a little tight. You can use sandpaper to rasp or widen the opening a little bit.

The ninth step.

A pencil can be used to mark where the screws go. Remove the subwoofer and the holes that have been drilled, and put them in the screws that hold it in place.

The 10th step.

To make sure everything is sealed, wait for the glue to dry completely before you do anything. In the next step, run some silicone caulk over the box’s internal seams. Before you put the subwoofer back in, let it dry for 12-14 hours so it can be used again.

During the curing process, some caulk emits acetic acid fumes, which can damage your subwoofer. You must wait.

The 11th step.

You can hook up the speaker wires from the terminal cup to the subwoofer when the caulk has set, so you can play music. Then, put the subwoofer back in the box and use rope caulk to make sure it doesn’t get hard.

It’s done! You can connect the box to your sound system or change the look of the box.

The last word

This is the end of our journey to build a subwoofer, just like that! As you can see, building a subwoofer box isn’t too hard, as long as you follow the subwoofer’s instructions. You can get this information from the manufacturer and use it to make your box look the way you want it to look.

Remember to measure and cut your pieces, and make sure you follow our instructions to make a subwoofer box that will work well.

How Hard Is It To Learn Guitar?

How hard is it to learn how to play the guitar? When you start learning to play the guitar, it will not be easy at first, I can tell you that. It takes a lot of time and effort, but with some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way, I think it’s worth it.

During this article, we’ll answer some of the most common guitar questions and talk about the benefits of learning how to play.

What Are The Biggest Problems With Learning To Play The Guitar?

To start playing guitar, I thought it would be easy to play my favorite song right away. But it turns out there are a lot of things you need to learn before you can play.

If you’re wondering, “how hard is it to learn how to play the guitar?” here are some things you’ll likely face.

As you use your hands, you should build calluses.

In order to learn guitar, it can be painful.

The strings and strumming can cause your fingers to get calluses at first, which can be painful. The more you practice for a short amount of time, the more likely you are to make it through the experience.

Making Muscle Memory

When you pick up a guitar, you want to be able to play along with your favorite song right away. This isn’t the case, though, because you need to practice first. It takes a long time to get used to the muscles. The more you play your chords, the easier it will be to switch between them.

To start, learn how to switch between common guitar chords. Then, play them along with a metronome at a slow speed to a familiar melody and see how well you can do it. The more you do this, the faster you will be able to switch between chords and play along with your favorite song in real time.

Skipping the Strings:

When novices play two strings that are not next to each other, they may accidentally play the wrong string. Practicing more makes your picking hand get used to the strings, so you’ll be able to play just by putting your hand on them.

Barre Chords:

Barre chords can be hard to play because you have to hold down all of the strings, which makes them tense. The strings are tighter and the frets are far apart because the chords are near the headstock.

This is an example of how a barre chord A looks like when it is played

Barre chords are hard to play, so you should look up a lot of lessons and practice them a lot to get over this Practicing will help you get your hands in shape, and your hands will get stronger as you do it.

It would be nice to be able to skip between the songs.

Switching songs in the middle of a song is a common bad habit for newcomers. There are times when they will move on to another project and not finish or learn how to play a song or use the tools. Make sure you understand at least one whole song before you’re happy.

For practicing: Making Time For It

Practicing the guitar doesn’t have to be for two hours every day, but if you make it a habit, you’ll be sure to get better at it. What you should do is practice whenever you get the chance. Play as much as you can, even if you just look up a few lessons online and print out the tabs.

Based on a study done in 2009, the average time to make something a habit is 66 days. It will be easier to play the guitar if you practice a little each day for more than two months. This will make it less of a chore.

Taking lessons on the guitar can help you become better at it.

Musical instruments are a great way to get away from the stress of everyday life and enjoy yourself. Playing music can help you think more clearly, improve your mental health, improve your communication skills, and lessen your agitation and anxiety. It’s important to know about these benefits.

Improves coordination: When you practice, you will learn how to work together well with your hands.

Sharpens your mind: It takes a lot of focus and concentration to play an instrument. When you practice a song over and over, it also helps you remember it better.

When you fit practice into your schedule, you learn how to better manage your time.

Music is an excellent way to let off steam after a stressful day.

Children will love this: People who play instruments can be very good for kids. It gives you more confidence when you play in front of people and can help you improve your academic skills, like reading.

People who play the guitar have a lot of disadvantages.

There are many benefits to learning how to play the guitar, but there are also some things to think about. It is important to remember that most of the problems you have when you start will be when you first start and will most likely be short-lived.

As you can see below, there are some of the main problems.

You don’t sound good when you start playing the guitar, but you can be loud. You might make a lot of noise until you learn how to do it right. You can play alone, use a nylon string guitar, or play a small-bodied acoustic guitar to fix this. On an electric? They should be plugged into a power amp.

When you first start playing the guitar, your fingers and hands will hurt when you press down on the strings. You will eventually get calluses that will help protect your fingers. Until then, switch to a nylon string guitar to relieve some of the stress.

Time Restriction: You need to set aside at least twenty minutes a day for this. The idea of adding another task to your already-busy schedule may not be the best idea.

GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome – is what musicians call when they start playing. It means they want to buy more instruments. Make sure you have the money, knowledge, and space you need to buy things before you buy them.

The following are some tips for choosing which type of guitar you should learn how to play on.

A good rule of thumb is to learn how to play electric guitar if you want to play very distorted sounds on your guitar. If you want to play more songs that people can sing along with while fingerpicking, then an acoustic guitar is the best one for you to learn on.

This is the easiest type of guitar to learn: the one that makes you want to pick the thing up and play it right away. It’s more likely that you’ll play and learn to play a guitar that makes you happy than a guitar that scares or bores you.

The best way to find your “motivational guitar” is to ask yourself questions such as:

Play what kind of music?

Do you think you would play a guitar more if you had one.

The type of guitar that draws your attention first.

Who are some of your favorite guitarists?

In the end, there is no easy way to play the guitar. It all comes down to what you want. An electric guitar may be more comfortable to play because it has a smaller body, lighter gauge strings, and a thin neck. You may not think that plugging an electric guitar into an amp and hooking up any extras each time is very simple, though.

For example, someone might be more likely to play the guitar because it is easy to get to. Finally, the type of game you want to play is the one that is easiest for you to play.

Choose a guitar based on these factors:

There’s no easy way to learn how to play the guitar, but there are some things that might make it easier for you to do. Here are some things to think about when you buy your first guitar:

Type of String

There are different types of strings that can be used on guitars to make different sounds. learn on are the two most simple.

The steel strings: You can make the sound clearer with a steel-string guitar than with an electric guitar. This is a good choice for beginners. Steel strings may take some time to get used to, but the clear, crisp sound you get is worth it.

The nylon strings: Nylon strings are more gentle on the fingers and don’t hurt as much as steel strings, but they tend to sound a little less clear.


Because the guitar body is so big, it comes in many different sizes. You should pick a size that fits you well. You want your arms to be able to hang over the guitar when you play, and you don’t want to feel like you’re being buried under its body. At least until the age of 12, kids should learn on a half-size or third of a full-size model. Most adults can play the same size guitar as the kids after they finish.

“Neck Shape”

Back of the neck on your guitar is called the neck profile. This is how the back of the neck looks. They come in three different shapes: C, V, and U. The most narrow and easiest to play on is the one with a C neck profile. This is very important because it affects how quickly you can move your hand from fret to fret. If you have trouble moving from one chord to the next, you might want to use a narrow neck profile.

In order to learn how to play the electric guitar, you should buy one.

Like their name, electric guitars need an electric amplifier to get the right sound.

It is possible for electric guitars to make different sounds through things like volume controls, amplifiers, foot pedals, and other things, as well as different types of music. Because there are so many options and sounds on an electric guitar, it may be more difficult for a beginner to learn how to play on an acoustic than on an electric.

It’s better to learn on an electric guitar:

Physically, it is easier to play: Because electric guitars have small bodies, thin necks, and light gauges, they are easier to play than acoustic guitars to play because of this.

In any place: Being able to connect your headphones to an amplifier lets you practice alone, without anyone else hearing.

Keeps things interesting with an amp: An electric guitar has so many different sounds that it is hard to get tired of it. It keeps your sound up to date and modern.

When you learn to play an electric guitar, there are some things that can go wrong.

Acoustics are more expensive: You need to buy an amplifier as well as a guitar. Accessories, like foot pedals, can also make your guitar sound better, but they add to the cost of your guitar.

The things you need: The first time you learn to play the guitar, having a lot of choices may make you feel overwhelmed and take away from learning how to play the guitar.

With an amp, it can be hard for someone who is just starting to figure out how to get the right tone for their music.

Acoustic guitars are good for learning.

There aren’t many extra things that come with an acoustic guitar, which makes it great for people who are just starting to play. It’s also easy to play at any time.

This is one of the many benefits of learning on an Acoustic.

An acoustic guitar can be a simple way to keep people entertained. People can sing along without the sound of the guitar drowning them out.

Cost-effective: When you play an acoustic guitar, you don’t need an amplifier or a cable to play old songs.

This means that most of the time, you can play any piece from an electric guitar on an acoustic guitar.

It has a lot of negative things about it.

Higher gauge strings: The higher gauge strings make it more difficult to hold down barre chords than on an electric guitar because they are more difficult to hold down. This makes a high-gauge sound more likely to make a buzzing sound, too.

It has a wider fretboard than an electric guitar. The board is bigger, which makes it less friendly for people who start out.

Because you should play acoustic guitars in a more controlled environment, they are more likely to break than electric guitars.

To learn how to play the guitar, it is important to know a few things:

Starting something new can be a little scary because everything seems so big as you try to figure out how to play the guitar.

Determination and patience will help you get through the hard parts, but if you keep practicing, your skills will get better. In no matter how long you spend messing around or watching a video, do not skip this step and try to stay on track. It’s hard at first, but if you start with the basics, you’ll be able to learn quickly.

The first thing you should do is learn how to hold and play single notes on the guitar. 

To learn almost any guitar skill, start with this step. It will help you get there. Because you can’t play a chord until you can play a note, pay attention to how well you play each note.

During the first month, go over everything you need to know.

How to hold a guitar the right way

The names of each of the six strings on a guitar

Holding a pick the right way.

It’s not clear where to put your thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar.

There are a lot of things you need to learn before you can start playing guitar, and you don’t want to rush through them. In case you can’t figure out where to get this information, the Internet is your best friend. Make sure to look at professional websites and videos for free information and online lessons that can be learned at home.


The next step is to hold yourself to it and set up daily practice sessions of at least 20 minutes, which you should do every day. It is very important to keep practicing because repetition is important for muscle memory. To avoid having to re-learn old lessons and learn new ones, you should not wait too long between practicing.

Chords that open

You should start by learning basic chords and sticking to a schedule. Then, you should learn how to play open chords, which is the next step. It starts with open chords. Once you know and understand them, you have a lot of songs to play.

How long it will take to learn how to play open chords, how to move smoothly from one chord to the next, and how to play open chords in general may take up to 6 months. If you know just three of the chords, you can play some of your favorite songs.

How to Learn to Play the Guitar on the Internet

When you can play simple open chords well, it’s time to think about how you can improve your skills. Many people find it hard to choose what to work on next because they have so much information and videos right at their fingertips.

Even though it isn’t free, it’s a good idea to use an online platform to learn more about the guitar. This will make it easier for you to learn about it. With an online venue, you can get a lot of help from a lot of different people without leaving your house. While it isn’t necessary to take more online guitar lessons, they are a great way to help you improve. This makes it so much easier to learn how to play the guitar.

Another way to learn how to play the guitar is to look at guitar tabs, which are written out. Guitar tabs show you the notes in a piece of music in a way that is easy to see.

A standard tab has six horizontal lines that show the strings on a guitar. It looks like the way you see a guitar when you look down at it. It starts with the high E string, which is the thinnest string, on the top line. Then there are lines that show the strings that are thicker, like the B, D, A, and low E strings.

Is It Possible for You To Learn to Play the Guitar on Your Own?

Yes, that’s the short answer. There are a lot of online resources, like YouTube, that can help you learn how to play the guitar. Even though it might be easier to learn with a guitar teacher, you can still learn how to play on your own.

The hardest part of learning how to play the guitar is to keep going. Even so, the more you play, the easier it gets.

As a rule, most people give up on learning how to play the guitar at the start. They think that playing the guitar is hard, but if they practice often, this can be changed.

It takes a lot of effort to learn how to play the guitar in the beginning stages. People who work on their skills for six months will be able to play with ease.


Teaching yourself means that you will learn without having a teacher, which means that you will have to be disciplined and practice often. Being self-taught means that you have to push yourself, even when it’s not fun or easy to learn.

Because you’re learning things on your own, it may take longer than if you had a teacher to help. If you don’t have a lot of time to practice, a guitar teacher can help you come up with a plan to reach your goals.

Is it a good idea for you to learn the guitar?

First, make sure that you are ready to spend money, time and space on guitars. You should learn how to play the guitar if you like guitar-based music and if you can picture yourself playing certain songs.

Do not give up easily and have a lot of determination if you want to learn how to play the guitar? Then you should! Trying to learn how to play the guitar can be hard, but if you have the right tools and practice, you can start to learn quickly, and soon after that, you’ll be able to play along with all the greats, too!

Component or Coaxial Speakers

Component or Coaxial Speakers?

If you are unfamiliar with the differences between component and coaxial speakers, here is a brief summary to assist you in determining which is best for your system


Tweeters and mid-bass drivers (woofers) are frequently included with speakers, and they are connected by a crossover that adjusts the frequency range that each tweeter and mid-bass woofer generates.

There are a variety of ways to determine whether or not your vehicle has components.

Here are two simple examples:

If you have more than one speaker for each channel, you can use a subwoofer.

The tweeter is located independently of the mid-bass driver.

Typically, component sets are located near the front of the vehicle..

Coaxial Speakers 

Coaxial Speakers are speakers that have the tweeter, mid-bass driver, and crossover all mounted together in a single speaker to save space.

Their popularity stems from the fact that they are significantly easier to install and take up significantly less space than the component set.

Coaxial speakers are typically placed in the rear of a car, near the rear bumper.

Choosing Between Components and Coaxials – Q&A

You must first determine what you are seeking for in a stereo or speaker system before making a decision between component and coaxial speakers.

Here are a handful of questions and answers that may be of assistance in locating an answer:

Does a component or coaxial have better quality sound?

Components are often considered to provide a better and more crisper output than coaxials.

As opposed to coaxial speakers with affixed tweeters, component speakers have mid-bass woofers that can span the whole diameter of the speaker, resulting in a larger surface area.

A tweeter, on the other hand, does not interfere with sound waves.

Having distinct drivers allows them to be more accurate and to span a wider range of frequencies, which is normally advantageous.

Are component or coaxials more customizable?

The component systems with independent drivers will provide you with a plethora of mounting possibilities, allowing you to create a far more customizable sound system for your car, boat, or practically any other application you can imagine.

Are components or coaxial speakers easier to install?

Because all of the components are contained into a single speaker, coaxial speakers are far less difficult to install than component speakers are.

Are component or coaxial speakers more expensive?

Generally speaking (though this is not always the case), coaxials are less expensive than components.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to put together a system, coaxial speakers are probably the best option for you.

Are components better for amplification?

If you want to boost the volume and clarity of your music and wish to use an amplifier to power your speakers, component speakers are often a better choice than coaxial speakers for amplification.

Does Skateboarding Help With Snowboarding

Does Skateboarding Help With Snowboarding

If you’re looking for a way to release tension, skateboarding is an excellent option. However, does skateboarding aid in snowboarding?

It is true that skating aids in the development of mind-body coordination, which is an essential skill for snowboarding.

You will also be able to conquer your fear and improve your talents every day as a result.

While this question has been answered thoroughly, it’s important to note that there is much more to learn.

This guide has all you need to know about skateboarding and snowboarding, and I strongly advise you to read it from beginning to end.

To understand more about skateboarding’s influence on snowboarding, please continue reading.

What Is The Difference Between Skateboarding And Snowboarding?

If you’re looking for a way to release stress, skating is a great option. However, does skateboarding help snowboarding?

Skateboarding does help in snowboarding because it aids in the development of mental and physical coordination, both of which are critical in the sport.

In addition, it helps you overcome your apprehension and improve your talents on a daily basis.

Although there is a lot more to learn, I’ve answered this question in full.

In this comprehensive resource on skateboarding and snowboarding, you’ll find everything you need to know.

To discover more about the role skateboarding plays in snowboarding, please continue reading this article.

Is Snowboarding Harder Than Skateboarding?

As I previously stated, patience and dedication are essential if you want to become a proficient skateboarder or snowboarder.

Snowboarding is a new sport for most of us, and so, it might be a challenge to learn how to snowboard.

There aren’t many tools available on the internet for skateboarding, but don’t forget to keep practicing and never give up.

Skateboarding is, in my opinion, a simpler sport to pick up than snowboarding, but it comes with a slew of additional advantages.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to sharpen your abilities.

Can Skateboarders Ride Snowboards?

In truth, snowboarding is considerably easier to learn than snowboarding, and snowboarding is a lot more difficult to master than snowboarding.

Even yet, if you don’t know how to ride a skateboard properly, you could easily lose your balance and fall over when the route gets bumpy.

How Do Skateboarders Move?

Skateboarders typically use their legs to propel themselves forward, however this depends on the style of skating they’re performing.

You may also observe some skateboarders lean back and rest their weight on one leg in order to keep their balance while they skate.

Why Is It So Important For Skateboarders to Have Good Balance?

Skateboarding necessitates a firm grasp on the board, which is why this is so.

You must realize that if you lose your grip, you will fall and lose your balance.

A lack of practice might make it hard to perform the sport properly, therefore if you don’t want an injury keep going.

What Is The Most Important Element of Skateboarding?

In order to learn how to skateboard, you must have not only good balance but also quickness on the board as well.

As a novice, it’s better to learn how to slow down and keep your balance first, and only then progress to more extreme levels.

Is It Important To Know The Different Types of Skateboards?

Of course, it’s critical that you have as much information on skateboarding as possible, which is why I’ve compiled this guide for you.

However, just in case you didn’t know, there are numerous sorts of skateboards available for your convenience.

It’s best to stick to the essentials, in my opinion.

You need to learn about the many varieties of skateboards on the market before making a decision.

What Are The Different Types of Skateboard Trucks?

incredibly significant in terms of how well a skateboard functions as a whole.

You can see that there are a variety of trucks on the market, all of which operate in a similar fashion but with minor variances.

The differences between the two types of skateboards have already been described above this post, so if you’d like to read about them, feel free to do so.

What Are The Different Types of Skateboard Wheels That Are Available?

Before spending your money on a set of wheels for a skateboard, think about what you want to use them for first. There are a plethora of options available.

Because they have no idea which wheels will be best for their needs, most consumers simply buy any old set of wheels. This complicates matters considerably.

If you want to get the most out of your money, do as much research as possible before purchasing any type of wheel.

Do Skateboarders Slide With Their Trucks?

Skardateboers frequently utilize their trucks to slide on the road.

As a result, you won’t fall over because your board is slightly inclined as you move forward.

It’s impossible for novices to learn how to slide because they don’t know what to do and end up crashing to the ground.

If you don’t know how to slide correctly, you’ll wind up hurting yourself instead of having fun.

How Do You Stop While Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a sport that necessitates the use of your tail to slow down.

In order to slide well, you need to master this maneuver inside and out.

see more: what kind of wood are skateboard made of

What Is the Difference Between Skateboard Trucks and Car Trucks?

Compared to skateboard trucks, car trucks have a much smaller steering radius, which makes it easier for them to perform sharp turns. This is the main difference between the two types of trucks.

The reason you can’t stand on your skateboard truck while riding is that it’s designed to carry more weight than a typical automobile truck.

Don’t even consider getting a skateboard if you don’t know this basic concept well enough to begin with.

How To Make a Skateboarding and Snowboarding Common?

Skateboarding in the snow is something that many people wish they could do.

However, I’ll explain why this isn’t an option for you.

Because they are incompatible, your winter wheels and your normal summer wheels won’t give the traction you require to ride.

Secondly, you don’t have an option to lean back in order to stop so basically if you are going too fast then it’s very easy for you to crash down.

This means that skating on a skateboard in the snow is impossible because the entire concept is flawed.

Is Skateboarding Dangerous?

Inexperienced skateboarders run the risk of serious injury or death since the sport is fundamentally different from, say, riding a bike.

You have to hold your balance while also leaning in order to turn, which implies that you have a greater risk of injury because of your lack of expertise.

Final Words

Snowboarding and skateboarding are two different sports.

Definitely, because skating and snowboarding have a lot of characteristics.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, is more difficult because of the wheels and the board’s elevated position.

The more you ride, the more at ease you’ll feel, and the better your mind-body coordination will be as a result.

However, for some people, it may not be as beneficial because snowboarding is a new experience that requires a lot of effort.


MMORPGAge of Conan -baiting Your Friends

MMORPGAge of Conan -baiting Your Friends


Age of Conan came out much earlier on this month ( patches + content ) and the game has become a phenomenal success. Last week I checked the official realm vs realm (RvR) statistics and the system was pretty dead with only the odd fight breaking the peace. By my rough calculation (using the no combat mod) there are roughlyivalry raidsin the realm versus realm sector of around 250b each. Obviously paying to play means you get a lot more to the nature of the beast.

The beauty of the MMORPG is the fact it’s all 100% optional, you don’t even need to be online to play but there are plenty of people willing to help you no matter what your skill level is. Offering help is a great way to get mail saved from having to type in your add on information like your character name and a link to your character. From level 1 to 20 newbie players are superb noobs but even at these levels people help out a lot. It’s great having a group of quality players as a Novice/ Troubleshooter combo can be a great way to level and farm your way through the game and is generally quite a bit more fun than grouping with someone that is over 3-4 levels higher.

If you are an amazing player at either ranged combat or close combat (excluding the protection buffs) you have no reason not to own a copy of Age of Conan. What started out as a Single-Player game and Modes with just a 1 vs 1 arena is now a pretty solid “Pick-Up-and-Play” game and MMORPG. Duels can be had against anyone in the world and the byating system makes the game interesting as well.

Of course, whether you are a Newbie or Elite you will want to know every trick that the game has to offer. Are you ready to bet $ 55 that you are going to level 1 in this game? Are you aware that there are going to be a mountain of people playing this game? Do you want to be that person? The smart money is on those who know they cannot win this game by themselves. Are you prepared to have to beg for Mounts, Eternal Games, Factions or Titles just to be able to get them yourself? Are you going to find yourself constantlyicating, begging, whining and cursing at your group mates leaving them to wonder how on earth did this game develop such a huge player base?

You areitanizing this gameare you? Are you going to be able to go to the “Galaxy?” Where you will encounter countless human civilizations, cultures, druidic tribes, do not worry. It’s a place of peace and plenty. Like the actual universe in this game ( planets ) you will be able to explore and even do space missions. If that doesn’t keep you up all night you may possibly be wondering what is the whole game really all about?

A complete sci-fi single player space adventure game. That’s what Call of Cthulhu is. A sci-fi single player game that you can play online. That’s really what the makers mean when they say it’s a single player game. Because you only play the hero in this game. So you think you got the hang of it. Your ready to face the enemy. You fire your weapons, fly your ship around, encountering new enemies and searching for different treasures. Mainly you will be searching for gold nugget like trinkets, necklaces and rings. This however is not all there is to the game.

There is a lot more other features that will keep you busy for months especially if you are a collector like myself. In fact I collect a couple of units of the “Enpelling Puzzles” series from Toycom. They are very well designed and yes I collected them all. This is how you know that the game is good. If you are looking for space adventures with a really good sci-fi twist mined from the mind of the Japanese RPG masters. You will be satisfied.


The Price Of Video Game Addiction

The Price Of Video Game Addiction


In this age of modern information and technology, the threat of video game addiction has become a significant problem for children and adults worldwide. While the particular risk of video game addiction varies from one individual to another, the threat is real and needs special attention. Parents of minors rarely recognize the signs of addiction, and are slow to take action when one starts noticing changes in their child.

The symptoms of video game addiction can include:

While the actual cause of most video game addiction is yet to be fully understood, impairment inattention and loss of judgmental process in children are two of the most common symptoms that are related to video game addiction. Impulse thoughts and actions are the first stages of addiction. When a person feels less controlled or less able to stop playing a game, they are actually experiencing addiction.

While the specific factor that makes a video game addict is yet to be fully understood, what is known is that individuals who already have inattentive tendencies are more likely to develop compulsive gaming patterns. In other words, people who are already predisposed to seek out new forms of entertainment are more likely to become video game addicts.

Usually, when someone starts to play a video game, they feel an intense desire to continue doing so. Eventually, they don’t notice any further change in their behavior and they believe that the game is now the most important thing in their life. This is the step where their reality starts to fall apart. They have become dedicated to this activity, even though it is taking up a lot of time and effort. They also feel that they are a part of the game and they are not the actual player.

While video game addiction sounds great on the surface, it doesn’t last long past the first few days. Eventually, the person experiences a compulsive urge to play and the threat of harm to others also increases. The person then becomes highly alert to any possible threat to their well-being and starts to over react emotionally to the real or imagined insults or injuries that might have been caused by the game.

According to some studies, a majority of males that play video games or gamble tend to also play computer games and video games. While this variety of backgrounds and activities may contribute to the individual’s violent tendencies, they do not cause it. The real cause of the violence is related to the addiction that the individual has developed to any video game or computer game.

Playing these computer games and video games can also affect personality development. Some gamers are described as being highly controlling and sensitive to criticism. They tend to develop a high level of self-control and the ability to evaluate situations, think in a quick manner and to act tactfully. On the other hand, some gamers have a high level of agreeability and precision when choosing actions, and they have a good ability to agree with others.

Compulsive gaming and computer games have also been linked to violent behavior. Several studies have found a link between video games and increased aggressive behavior. Similarly, certain video games were linked to depression and poor socialization. It has been found that the children who played video games and those who suffered from panic attacks when asked to describe a loved one had a higher violent thunderstorm experience when compared with those who don’t play video games.

Keep in mind that although excessive gaming can lead to depression, it is not that beneficial or positive to someone to have depression as a result of playing video or computer games. The reasons and the reasons why some individuals get into problems and become addicted to video or computer games is mainly because they do not take enough time for their children to take sufficient care of themselves. As mentioned previously, gaming is sometimes used as a defense mechanism to blunt the criticism of others when an opportunity comes. Game addicts tend to take video or computer games as an opportunity to be transported to a different world.