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MMORPGAge of Conan -baiting Your Friends

MMORPGAge of Conan -baiting Your Friends


Age of Conan came out much earlier on this month ( patches + content ) and the game has become a phenomenal success. Last week I checked the official realm vs realm (RvR) statistics and the system was pretty dead with only the odd fight breaking the peace. By my rough calculation (using the no combat mod) there are roughlyivalry raidsin the realm versus realm sector of around 250b each. Obviously paying to play means you get a lot more to the nature of the beast.

The beauty of the MMORPG is the fact it’s all 100% optional, you don’t even need to be online to play but there are plenty of people willing to help you no matter what your skill level is. Offering help is a great way to get mail saved from having to type in your add on information like your character name and a link to your character. From level 1 to 20 newbie players are superb noobs but even at these levels people help out a lot. It’s great having a group of quality players as a Novice/ Troubleshooter combo can be a great way to level and farm your way through the game and is generally quite a bit more fun than grouping with someone that is over 3-4 levels higher.

If you are an amazing player at either ranged combat or close combat (excluding the protection buffs) you have no reason not to own a copy of Age of Conan. What started out as a Single-Player game and Modes with just a 1 vs 1 arena is now a pretty solid “Pick-Up-and-Play” game and MMORPG. Duels can be had against anyone in the world and the byating system makes the game interesting as well.

Of course, whether you are a Newbie or Elite you will want to know every trick that the game has to offer. Are you ready to bet $ 55 that you are going to level 1 in this game? Are you aware that there are going to be a mountain of people playing this game? Do you want to be that person? The smart money is on those who know they cannot win this game by themselves. Are you prepared to have to beg for Mounts, Eternal Games, Factions or Titles just to be able to get them yourself? Are you going to find yourself constantlyicating, begging, whining and cursing at your group mates leaving them to wonder how on earth did this game develop such a huge player base?

You areitanizing this gameare you? Are you going to be able to go to the “Galaxy?” Where you will encounter countless human civilizations, cultures, druidic tribes, do not worry. It’s a place of peace and plenty. Like the actual universe in this game ( planets ) you will be able to explore and even do space missions. If that doesn’t keep you up all night you may possibly be wondering what is the whole game really all about?

A complete sci-fi single player space adventure game. That’s what Call of Cthulhu is. A sci-fi single player game that you can play online. That’s really what the makers mean when they say it’s a single player game. Because you only play the hero in this game. So you think you got the hang of it. Your ready to face the enemy. You fire your weapons, fly your ship around, encountering new enemies and searching for different treasures. Mainly you will be searching for gold nugget like trinkets, necklaces and rings. This however is not all there is to the game.

There is a lot more other features that will keep you busy for months especially if you are a collector like myself. In fact I collect a couple of units of the “Enpelling Puzzles” series from Toycom. They are very well designed and yes I collected them all. This is how you know that the game is good. If you are looking for space adventures with a really good sci-fi twist mined from the mind of the Japanese RPG masters. You will be satisfied.