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Electric Skateboards And Speed Wobbles. How To Deal With Them!

Every skateboarder has had a speed wobble, whether they use an electric board or not.

In fact, if you push a board too hard, it will speed wobble. It’s simple physics…

Not only is wobbling scary, but it can also cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

You’re here because of that! (To make sure that doesn’t happen!)

How to Keep Speed from Wobbling

Make things better!

Loose bearings, trunks, and wheels are often the cause of speed wobbles…

When something is loose, it starts to move and shake. Too much jiggle is no good!

And as you go faster, things start to shake more. This is the cause of the speed wobble.

Simple maintenance is all you need to do to stop this from happening in the first place.

By pulling yourself together, you could avoid a bad fall and injury.

Make things easier!

Too loose is not good, and too tight is not good either. We’re trying to stay away from both ends of the spectrum. Surprisingly, if the hardware on your board is too tight and stiff, it could make you wobble.

So how can you tell if the nuts, wheels, trucks, and other parts of your board are too tight?

  1. If you put your heart and soul into putting the pieces together, it’s too tight. (Always tighten things until you can’t tighten them any more, but when you reach that point, STOP!)
  2. If you touch your trunks and they don’t move, bend, or do anything else, they are too tight.

Loosen up those dogs. The key is to find a good balance!

Fix Your Form

If you put most of your weight on your back leg when you ride, I’m afraid I have to tell you that you’re doing it wrong…

When the weight is in the back, there is less contact between the front and the ground. When you start to go faster, the front will start to move around on its own.

Your weight should be on the front of the board… After all, you steer with the front. Like a car, you can’t steer with the back wheels.

You should also bend your knees, find a lower stance, relax, and figure out where your center of gravity is. Try this the next time, and you’ll see a big change.

Ride More/Build Ankle Strength

Speed wobbles are caused, at least in part, by lack of riding experience.

Beginners are much more likely to rock back and forth because of one thing: their ankles.

It’s kinda like ice skating. When you go ice skating for the first few times, your ankles aren’t very stable or strong. This is why almost every beginner keeps falling, can’t find their balance, and keeps failing.

The same is true when you ride your e-board.

When you ride for the first few times, you won’t know how to keep your balance. During and after your ride, your ankles and feet will hurt. But as you get more experience, your ankles will feel better and you won’t wobble as much.

Don’t worry, because it will get better over time.

Update the software on your boards…

If your e-board has an app you can download to your phone, make sure you keep the board’s firmware up to date.

Keeping your board’s computer up-to-date will not only make it run better, but it will also fix any bugs that may be giving you trouble.

It won’t fix those annoying speed wobbles for sure, but it’s worth a shot!

Stop going so fast!

Yes, there isn’t always a better way to say it…

“Speed wobbles on skateboards are just a part of life, like taxes on your paycheck.”

And sometimes the only way to keep them from happening is to not go that fast in the first place.

As soon as you feel the car start to shake, back off a bit and lightly pump the brakes. Guys, use your brains.

If you go over the speed limit, you are putting yourself in danger. Even more so when using electric skateboards!

Since the top speed of a regular skateboard depends on how fast you push it, it is harder to wobble.

But electric skateboards are powered by motors, and the faster ones can go as fast as 30 mph or more. That’s a good way to get lost and end up in hell.

Watch out for hills

It’s never hard to go uphill.

Downhill can be…

Going down a hill can cause a huge buildup of speed. Electric skateboards have brakes, so make sure to pump them slowly so you don’t hit top speed and speed wobble like crazy.

Final Verdict

Speed wobbles are a pain.

But you don’t have to stop riding because of them.

Sometimes you have to go through bad things to be able to enjoy the good ones. Skateboarding and everything else in life are the same.

If you do the things I listed above, I can guarantee that your speed will change less.

Be safe and keep on riding!